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Privacy-preserving ridge regression with only linearly-homomorphic encryption. Giacomelli I , Jha S, Joye M, Page CD, Yoon K. Proceedings of Applied Cryptography & Network Security (ACNS), 2018.

Using machine learning algorithms to predict risk for development of calciphylaxis in patients with chronic kidney disease. Kleiman R, LaRose E, Badger J, Page D, Caldwell M, Clay J, Peissig P. Proceedings of the AMIA Informatics Summit, 2018.

Quantifying predictive capability of electronic health records for the most harmful breast cancer. Wu Y, Fan J, Peissig P, Berg R, Tafti P, Yin J, Yuan M, Page D, Cox J, Burnside E. Proceedings of SPIE Medical Imaging, 2018.

Applying family analyses to electronic health records to facilitate genetic research. Huang X, Elston RC, Rosa GJ, Mayer J, Ye Z, Kitchner T, Brilliant MH, Page D, Hebbring SJ. Bioinformatics 34(4):635–642, 2018.

Adverse drug event discovery using biomedical literature: A big data neural network adventure. Tafti AP, Badger J, LaRose E, Shirzadi E, Mahnke A, Mayer J, Ye Z, Page D, Peissig P. JMIR Medical Informatics 5(4):e51, 2017.

Hawkes process modeling of adverse drug reactions with longitudinal observational data. Bao Y, Kuang Z, Peissig P, Page D, Willett R. Proceedings of Machine Learning for Healthcare, 2017.

CloudMatcher: A cloud/crowd service for entity matching. Govind Y, Paulson E, Ashok M, Suganthan G.C. P, Hitawala A, Doan A, Park Y, Peissig P, LaRose E, Badger J. KDD Workshop on Big data analytics-as-a-Service: Architecture, Algorithms, and Applications in Health Informatics, 2017.

Pharmacovigilance via baseline regularization with large-scale longitudinal observational data. Kuang Z, Peissig P, Santos Costa V, Maclin R, Page D. Proceedings of the 23rd ACM SIGKDD Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD), 2017.

Modeling the temporal evolution of postoperative complications. Feld SI, Cobian AG, Tevis SE, Kennedy GD, Craven MW. Proceedings of the American Medical Informatics Association Annual Symposium (AMIA), 2016.

Baseline regularization for computational drug repositioning with longitudinal observational data. Kuang Z, Thomson J, Caldwell M, Peissig P, Stewart R, Page D. Proceedings of the 25th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 2016.

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