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Abundant inverse regression using sufficient reduction and its applications. Kim H, Smith B, Adluru N, Dyer C, Johnson S, Singh V. Proceedings of the European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV),Volume 9910 Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2016.

Subclonal diversity arises early even in small colorectal tumours and contributes to differential growth fates. Sievers C, Zou L, Pickhardt P, Matkowskyj K, Albrecht D, Clipson L, Bacher J, Pooler BD, Moawad F, Cash B, Reichelderfer M, Vo T, Newton M, Larget B, Halberg R. Gut, 2016.

Magellan: toward building entity matching management systems. Konda P, Das S, Suganthan P, Doan A, Ardalan A, Ballard JR, Li H, Panahi F, Zhang H, Naughton J, Prasad S, Krishnan G, Deep R, Raghavendra V. Proceedings of the 42nd International Conference on Very Large Databases (VLDB), 2016.

Mapping murine corneal neovascularization and weight loss virulence determinants in the herpes simplex virus 1 genome and the detection of an epistatic interaction between the UL and IRS/US regions. Lee K, Kolb A, Larsen I, Craven M, Brandt C. Journal of Virology 90(18):8115-8131.

Single-cell RNA-seq reveals novel regulators of human embryonic stem cell differentiation to definitive endoderm. Chu LF, Leng N, Zhang J, Hou Z, Mamott D, Vereide D, Choi J, Kendziorski C, Stewart R, Thomson J. Genome Biology 17:173.

Annotation regression for genome-wide association studies with an application to psychiatric genomic consortium data. Shin S, Keles S. Statistics in Biosciences, 2016.

On tensor completion via nuclear norm minimization. Yuan M, Zhang C-H. Foundations of Computational Mathematics 16(4):1031–1068, 2016.

Analysis of embryonic development in the unsequenced axolotl: waves of transcriptional upheaval and stability. Jiang P, Nelson J, Leng N, Collins M, Swanson S, Dewey C, Thomson J, Stewart R. Developmental Biology, 2016.

Baseline regularization for computational drug repositioning with longitudinal observational data. Kuang Z, Thomson J, Caldwell M, Peissig P, Stewart R, Page D. Proceedings of the 25th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 2016.

Integrative analysis with ChIP-seq advances the limits of transcript quantification from RNA-seq. Liu P, Sanalkumar R, Bresnick E, Keles S, Dewey C. Genome Research 26:1124–1133, 2016.

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