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scPattern is an R package to identify and classify gene expression changes in ordered single-cell RNA-seq experiments


Regulatory interaction prediction for promoters and long-range enhancers

MetaSRA: normalized metadata for the Sequence Read Archive

MetaSRA is an annotation/re-coding of sample-specific metadata in the Sequence Read Archive using biomedical ontologies. Currently, MetaSRA maps biological samples to biologically relevent terms in the Disease Ontology, Experimental Factor Ontology, Cell Ontology, Uberon, and Cellosaurus.

MetaSRA pipeline

This pipeline was used to construct the MetaSRA database which provides normalized metadata for the Sequence Read Archive .This pipeline re-annotates key-value descriptions of biological samples using biomedical ontologies.

Ava: From data to insights through conversation


An open-source data integration and data preparation ecosystem (powered by Python) to enable data scientists to perform integration and analysis of data.

Structure-leveraged methods in breast cancer risk prediction

Hypothesis testing in unsupervised domain adaptation with applications in neuroimaging

Minimax optimal rates of estimation in high dimensional additive models

Degrees of freedom in low rank matrix estimation

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