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Understanding learned models by identifying important features at the right resolution

Combined hypothesis testing on graphs with applications to gene set enrichment analysis

Practical model selection for prospective virtual screening

Datasets for practical model selection for prospective virtual screening

This repository contains datasets for the manuscript "Practical model selection for prospective virtual screening." It includes chemical screening data for several protein-protein interaction drug targets.

Improving breast cancer risk prediction by using demographic risk factors, abnormality features on mammograms and genetic variants


BaselineRegularization is an R package for identifying adverse or beneficial drug effects from longitudinal observational data such as electronic health records. It is designed to work with the OMOP Common Data Model while having the flexibility to work with other custom databases and a variety of data sources.

CPCP 2018 Retreat: Introduction Symposium Video

Welcoming remarks by Mark Craven

CPCP 2018 Retreat: Entity and Text Matching Symposium Video

Talk by AnHai Doan

CPCP 2018 Retreat: Modeling Hierarchical Structure using Multiscale Factorization - Tracking Early Decline in Alzheimer's Disease Symposium Video

Talk by Vamsi Ithapu

CPCP 2018 Retreat: Graph Total Variation Regularization for fMRI Neural Decoding Symposium Video

Talk by Rebecca Willett

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