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Privacy-preserving ridge regression with only linearly-homomorphic encryption

Opportunities and obstacles for deep learning in biology and medicine

MatchCatcher: A debugger for blocking in entity matching

Utility of genetic testing in addition to mammography for determining risk of breast cancer depends on patient age

Using machine learning algorithms to predict risk for development of calciphylaxis in patients with chronic kidney disease

Quantifying predictive capability of electronic health records for the most harmful breast cancer

CPCP seminar: Lessons (Not) to be Learned from the Debate about Genetic Privacy Seminar Video

Talk by Ellen Wright Clayton MD, JD, Vanderbilt University

Applying family analyses to electronic health records to facilitate genetic research

Statistical tests and identifiability conditions for pooling and analyzing multisite datasets

Automated and robust quantification of colocalization in dual-color fluorescence microscopy: A nonparametric statistical approach

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