Data Management Lab

This lab is focused on designing a scalable infrastructure for predictive modeling, developing solutions for data extraction, cleaning, and integration, and scaling up algorithms for predictive modeling so that they operate efficiently with very large data sets.

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Magellan: toward building entity matching management systems. Konda P, Das S, Suganthan P, Doan A, Ardalan A, Ballard JR, Li H, Panahi F, Zhang H, Naughton J, Prasad S, Krishnan G, Deep R, Raghavendra V. Proceedings of the 42nd International Conference on Very Large Databases, 2016

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AnHai Doan


Jignesh Patel

Udip Pant

Haojun Zhang


Magellan software

MetaSRA pipeline software

MetaSRA: normalized metadata for the Sequence Read Archive data

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